Date: SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 2009


Time: 7:30PM - 12AM

Cost (per person): $70.00

We are excited to announce that we’ve secured a date and location for our Ten-Year Reunion!  Get ready for a great venue, tasty food, and an open bar to help ease that trip down memory lane.  Tickets are available for purchase.

To purchase tickets, go to Paypal.com and choose Send Money.  If you don’t already have a Paypal account, don’t worry, it is quick and easy to set one up. 

Using Paypal, send the payment to steinertreunion1999@yahoo.com. (This email is different than the email below; it is specific for paypal payments.  Please ensure to use this one when making a payment.

IMPORTANT: On the Review Payment and Send screen, please scroll down to Email to recipient and write your name (and your guest’s name, if you are bringing one).  Print your confirmation and ensure to bring with you the night of the event.  We will also have your name and the number of tickets you purchased on file the night of the event.

If you plan on staying overnight in the Princeton Area, here are a few hotels that are available Saturday night:

Nassau Inn - $139 per night

Princeton Marriott Hotel & Conference Center - $135 per night

Hampton Inn Princeton - $99 per night 

If you’ve sent your email address to steinertreunion99@yahoo.com, then you are on our official mailing list and should have received an Evite with more details about the event. 

If you have any favorite 'Steinert moment' photos, please email them to steinertreunion99@yahoo.com, so that we can use them for reunion night!  If you only have hard copies of your photos, we will be happy to scan them and return them to you.  Send hard copies to Kelly Hodnicki, 2586 Yardville-Hamilton Square Road, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690.

We have yet to receive contact information for a number of our classmates.  If you have a recent email address for anyone on the following list, please send it to us at steinertreunion99@yahoo.com.  We’ll make sure they get added to the Evite! 

Some of you may have joined our Facebook group, but if you see your name below, please send your contact info to the Yahoo address – thank you!

Ather    Ali
Donna    Amendola
Michael    Antenucci
Jason    Ashbock
Greg    Aspinwall
Katelyn    Assenheimer
Matthew    Aust
Frank    Barkosky
John    Bitonti
Elaine    Black
Adam    Bless
Jon    Bow
Jonathan    Brackley
Jamie    Brindley
Lauren    Buzinski
Jennifer    Caraballo
Anthony    Caruso
Lenny    Cedeno
Dana    Chapman
Rob    Chatham
Lily    Cheung
Ashley    Clarke
Alyssa    Commisky
Michael    Cortina
Jared    Craig
John    DeBlase
Nicholas    DeStefano
Ed    DiPierro
Chris    Dommasch
Matt    Donovan
Candice    Dumont
Danielle    Durkin
Emily     Easterling
Mohammed    Elabed
T.J.    Fawcett
Joseph    Fedor
Lindsey    Finn
Nicole    Fleming
Trisha Ann    Flesh
David    Floyd
Brian    Foote
Jessie    Fortuna-Truppo
Jason    Fuccello
Lisa    Gentilella
Michael    Gonzalez
Rajini    Gopalaswamy
Tomi-Anne    Gould
Sean    Greene
Jason    Haggar
Matthew    Hall
Robert    Hamilton
Bonnie    Henderson
Dan    Hiestand
Erin    Holm
Ericka    Inverso
Charles    Interrante
Patrick    Ivans
Katy    Jablonski
Tatiana    Jenewicz
Brian    Jones
Chris    Jones
Joshua    Kennedy
Donald    Kerwin
Michele    Knight
Lauren    Kozic
Sandi    Krainski
Joseph    Krzeszewski
Karen    Kuhn
Angela    Landolfi
Rachel    Laurie
Alison    Lee
Michael    Leip
Tricia    Lepf
Erica    LoBue
Suzanne    Lup
David    Malozzi
Kim    Manning
Jen    Marini
Douglas    Martucci
Ciania    Mawolo
Melissa    Mayo
Ron    McConnell
Lynn    McCormick
Marissa    McCormick
John    McGowan
Paul    McManamy
Stephanie    Meiczinger
Kathleen    Meighan
Victoria    Mewherter
Ryan    Migliaccio
Jason    Mihalow
Joseph    Mingo
Susan    Minnick
Dominic    Monibah
Lauren    Morgan
Nicole    Motta
Kristin    Murphy
Steve    Murphy
April    Myers
Joseph    Nicolai
Nicole    Niebudek
Juan    Nunez
Karl    Nutt
William    Odas
Christopher    Pagnotta
Adrienne    Palombi
Christina    Panin
Joseph    Papp
Barbara    Paquette
Ryan    Pearson
Mark    Persiani
Brien    Pfeister
Brian    Piccinetti
Noelle    Potorski
Ken    Rago
Kim    Raymond
Karl    Reichling
Gabriel    Reilly
Ashanti    Richardson
Rashell    Rickey
Megan    Righter
Kristie    Roche
Kelly    Rosado
James    Rossi
Josh    Rutkowski
George    Sabatino
Brian    Sbarro
Brian    Schoellkopf
Danae    Senft
Jennifer    Shanklin
Jennie    Shaw
Donald    Shiko
Walt    Silcox
Scott    Silvester
Laura    Simko
Arthur    Smith
Stephanie    Smith
Courtney    Snedeker
Jeff    Snyder
Dana    Spadafino
Laura    Spair
Michael    Stelle
Mark    Stigliano
Rebecca    Stouffer
Gary    Sudol
Melissa    Sweeney
Sia    Tamba
Charlie    Thompson
John    Tiberi
Pete    Timmons
Rich    Tobias
Michael    Toth
Jessica    Tyrrell
Carly    Ulrich
Kristy    Ulrich
Jenna    Vermeychuk
Allison    Viola
Renee    Viola
Christine    Voorhees
Rob    Voorhees
Amy    Wagner
Amanda    Wallover
Jenny    Wang
Nicole    Weintraub
Stephanie    Wess
Ken    White
Eric    Whitehead
Scott    Wilson
Joan    Whittaker
Carl    Wilson
Paul    Wood
Lisa    Yim
Ryan    Young
Sarah    Zink